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By N.N. Bogoliubov

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On the finish of 1960 we made plans to put in writing a monograph in regards to the basic ideas of quantum box conception and their experimental implications. We meant basically to provide an account of the development of the speculation of dispersion family members because the visual appeal of the publication of Bogolubov, Medvedev and Polivanov ([BMP]. As an creation we needed to incorporate a evaluate of many of the ways to axiomatic box thought. This creation needed to disguise not just the formula of Bogolubov, Medvedev and Polivanov, according to the equipment of sensible derivatives of the 5-matrix and the of microcausality, but additionally the sphere formula linked to the names of Wightman, Haag, Lehmann, Symanzik, Zimmermann, and others. during the paintings the projects (and with them the scale) of the advent grew better and bigger, till it built into this booklet.

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65), and after equating terms with the same frequency, the i-component of the wave equation corresponding to the frequency ω1 yields: 1 2 1 ∂ ∇ E1i r e iω1 t + c c − ∇ E1 r e iω1 t + c c 2 2 ∂xi 1 + μ0 ε1 ω21 E1i r e iω1 t + c c 2 1 69a + μ0 ω21 dijk E3j r j, k ∗ E2k re i ω3 − ω2 t +c c =0 where xi indicates either x, y or z coordinates. Clearly, this equation couples the three Cartesian components of the field at frequency ω1 through the second term and also depends on the components of the fields at frequencies ω2 and ω3 through the non-linear term.

2 Light Propagation in Absorbing Media An absorbing medium is characterized by the fact that the energy of the EM radiation is dissipated in it. This would imply that the amplitude of a plane EM wave will decrease in exponential form as the wave propagates along the absorbing medium. The mathematical description 10 Beam Propagation Method for Design of Optical Waveguide Devices of light propagation in absorbing media can be treated by considering that the dielectric permittivity is no longer a real number, but a complex quantity εc.

In the scalar approach, the optical field u(x,z) and its derivative are assumed to be continuous across all boundaries. 7 In the 2D-FD-BPM, the field in the transverse direction (x), for a fixed longitudinal coordinate z, is represented at discrete points on a linear grid ∂u ∂z um+1 − ujm j , Δz 2 28 where ujm denotes the optical field at the position ( jΔx, mΔz) with j = 1, 2,…, N. On the other hand, the second-order derivative with respect to the transversal coordinate x is represented by the standard second-order finite-difference operator (see Appendix A): ∂2 u ∂x2 ujm− 1 − 2ujm + ujm+ 1 Δx 2 , 2 29 which is exact to the second order on Δx.

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