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Therefore whether or not we gain the benefits of refuge depends completely upon how well we practise the Teachings. A Sutra states, The Buddhas cannot wash away our sins with water, Nor can they remove suffering with their hands. They cannot transfer their insight to us. All they can do is teach the Dharma. And also, I am my own prote~tor. Thus it is clearly stated that the responsibility for practice and accomplishment lies in our own hands. ' In our belief all our happiness and misery are the product of our own karma, our own previous actions.

3 9. It is inexpressible, unimaginable, Unchanging and non-composite, And the yogi who realizes it Destroys the obscuring delusions and obscurations to knowledge. 10. Buddhist speak of two types of perception: Direct and inferential. 45 Ignorant people of mundane view say That emptiness is perceived through these two. 11. (However, if this is correct) it will follow That Hindus and Shravakas also see Dharmata. Why even mention the Vijnanavadins? And of course (emptiness) does not contradict the Madhyamikas.

Practice vigilance as the innermost yoga. 30. Like parents care for an only child, Like a person with one eye guards that eye carefully' Like travellers look after their guide And like the fruit of a medicine tree, Guard the mind with vigilance. 31. Bodhimind is the very root of enlightenment. The magic circle of activities Of the courageous Bodhisattvas All arise from the bodhimind's strength. 32. If one does not possess the bodhimind, Then even if one practices the six perfections from generosity to wisdom, The practice will lack even the name of perfection, For its basis is not firm.

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