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By John Ch. E.

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Pap Michigan Acad Sci 29:85–109 Baxter DV (1945) Some resupinate polypores from the region of the Great Lakes. XVI. Pap Michigan Acad Sci 30:175–191 Berkeley MJ (1839) Description of exotic fungi in the collection of Sir WJ Hooker, from memoirs and notes of JK Klotzsch, with additions and corrections. Ann Nat Hist 3:375–401 46 2 Review of Literature Berkeley MJ (1847) Decades XV-XIX. Ceylon fungi. London J Bot 6:479–514 Berkeley MJ (1850) Decades of fungi.

And P. ) Berk. , F. , Polyporus haematinus Berk. In Herb. from India. Bresadola (1920a, b) recorded 19 species of poroid fungi from India. , P. , P. , and Trametes acupunctata Berk. 2 National 43 from 1898 to 1925, where he made many references to Indian species like Daedalea bosei Lloyd, Favolus bengala Bose in Lloyd, Fomes durissimus Lloyd, F. , F. velutinosus Lloyd, Hexagonia burchelli Berk. in Lloyd, Polyporus acervatus Lloyd, P. hookeri Lloyd, P. ikenoi Lloyd etc. Bose (1918–1946) was the first Indian mycologist to collect and study the polypores on a comprehensive scale, mostly from Bengal (Bose 1918, 1920a, b, 1921a, b, c, 1922a, b, c, 1923a, b, 1924, 1925, 1928a, b, 1934, 1937, 1944, 1946).

He further rejected Léveillé’s Hymenochaete and placed the species under Stereum. It is evident that in “Hymenomycetes Europaei” Fries (1874) felt the necessity of grouping these genera in a somewhat different arrangement. It may be mentioned that real author behind many of the Fries concept and classification is Persoon but these are called Friesian because Fries was responsible for their maintenance and improvement (Donk 1964). The Friesian concepts excercised an enormous influence and became the traditional ones and have been perpetuated through Saccardo’s “Sylloge Fungorum”.

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