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Left side shows the levels in cubic site symmetry (group Td ), and the right side gives the energy levels in the distorted tetrahedra (group D2d ). Electronic transitions are shown by vertical arrows, π and σ denote polarization of radiation relative to the S4 axis of the distorted tetrahedron. From [185], courtesy of A. Okhrimchuk and the band around 620 nm is assigned to the 3 A2 → 3 T1 transition. 7 µm in different hosts [30]. The luminescence is broadened by electron–phonon coupling, and its lifetime is usually quenched at room temperature.

The latter configuration produces pulses down to 52 fs at 75 mW output power from a diode-pumped cavity and even sub-30 fs pulses at low output coupling [106]. 2 F6 , has also been successfully modelocked [107]. Albeit small differences in the spectroscopic properties of all colquiriite crystals, they have considerable similarity: they have broad emission and absorption spectra and high intrinsic slope efficiencies in excess of 50%. This makes these materials suitable for few-optical-cycle generation.

For example, V4+ has the same electron configuration as Ti3+ , Mn3+ is analogous to the Cr2+ ion, etc. , V4+ vs. Ti3+ , Cr4+ vs. V3+ ). On a Tanabe–Sugano diagram, this corresponds to higher values of the Dq/B parameter. From this point of view, the V4+ -doped system represents a particular interest, as it would provide the gain band at even shorter than the Ti3+ wavelength, yet retaining the advantages of the Ti3+ – a simple and wellknown energy scheme, the absence of ESA channels, and the possibility to use an efficient pump source like the second-harmonic of Yb3+ -based lasers.

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