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By Sam Van Schaik

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From Wisdom's acclaimed reviews in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism sequence, researcher and pupil Sam van Schaik introduces the Nyingma culture of Tibetan Buddhism, taking a look heavily at its perform of Dzogchen—and one among Dzogchen's seminal figures, Jigme Lingpa—to make an in depth research of a middle stress inside Buddhism: does enlightenment enhance steadily, or does it come abruptly?

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LLl6 Df the ten powers of the arabant listed above, Nos. (4) - (1 0) constitute the thirty-seven Factors of Enlightenment (bodhipakkhiya­ dhammii). LLO This again suggests that such powers were collected and subsequently made into a group of ten . "LLL He overlooks a very important aspect in his analysis. If he relies for his conclusion on the sources which apparently incorporate doctrinal pcints of late development in the Canon (mainly the four Nikiiyas in 21 BUDDHA IN THERAVADA BUDDmSM this case), he should have been more impartial to quote other sources as well which would negate and contradict his own conclusion.

He va dhamme sayrup abhififia sacchikatva upasampajja vibaratJ). L04 A list of ten powers of the arabant is found in the Ailguttara LOS For the purpose of comparison and clear understanding Nikiiya. of the difference between the two, we quote here the ten powers of the arabant: ( I ) An arahant sees all component things as impermanent. (2) He sees all sense pleasures as a pit of burning embers. (3) His mind is inclined towards seclusion and renunciation. (4) He has practiced the four stations of mindfulness.

It is rather an old osage 30 THE BACKGROUND found even in early strata of the Canon. '" A new development in some of the Khuddaka Nikiiya texts is an Abhidhammic connotation attached to the term. It is used there to denote the sum total of the Buddha's knowledge. Therefore, the other kinds of cakkhu are included in it. Various notions in connection with the visual superiority of homan, divine and intellectual spheres came to be collected together and a set of five such 'eyes' (cakkhu) was formulated in texts like the Niddesa'49 in i a.

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