Anonimo Mexicano by Richley Crapo; Bonnie Glass-Coffin PDF

By Richley Crapo; Bonnie Glass-Coffin

ISBN-10: 0874215153

ISBN-13: 9780874215151

ISBN-10: 0874216230

ISBN-13: 9780874216233

Transcribed from the unique Nahuatl manuscript (written circa 1600) and translated into English for the 1st time, this epic chronicle tells the preconquest historical past of the Tlaxcalteca, who migrated into principal Mexico from the northern frontier of the Toltec empire at its fall. by the point of Cort?s's arrival within the 16th century, the Tlaxcalteca have been the most opponents to the Mexica, or Aztecs, as they're more often than not identified. one of many few peoples of significant Mexico now not governed from the Mexica capital urban of Tenochtitlan, the Tlaxcalteca resided within the subsequent valley to the east and have become Cort?s's robust allies. They have been additionally audio system of the Nahuatl language who a worldly agriculturally established city lifestyle and documented their historical past in conventional —painted books—created by way of specifically educated scribes. therefore, their chronicle, An?nimo Mexicano, bargains an extraordinary substitute viewpoint at the background of principal Mexico, which has been ruled within the well known mind's eye via the tales of the Mexica. the unique An?nimo Mexicano is housed within the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris. Its first whole e-book right here incorporates a complete English translation, the unique classical Nahuatl, a contemporary Nahuatl model, and complete annotation. This definitive variation hence might be helpful for linguists, ethnohistorians, folklorists, Mesoamerican students, and others. in addition, a person attracted to the epic foundation stories of peoples and countries will locate curiosity in An?nimo Mexicano's grand narrative of dynastic wars, conquests, and migrations, solid in mythological phrases.

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C]achtizqué452 íca iní Mahuízauhca tlachi-hua[l],453 [y]nin [h]uelítílíz ynín tlacâ; Yn yehuantín huel yn cen yolo Pachiuhticatca ynoquímílhuyaia ynin theû- Camaxtle, cacemicac tlaca xícoque yezquía, nícan y pan ynin Yeiantlí opehuazquia Ynintlâ tocayo #455 Y pan ynin cahuítl. 456 Ynin Yao Yecancauh ytoca xiuh tlehuí. Yníc y equímitac yntlaxcalteca, yemotza tzacâ, tetzacualan. Cenca híco- momotzahuía yní Yollo, oncan huallay. Innahuac- miec tlacá tlatla mapan. Oquincetilítaya íntlaxcal tecatl tlatoaní, amo Maoquilcauh yntlen quil na mic tinenca.

After he died, he installed one of his sons as their ruler. He was called Cuauhtzinteuctli, grandson of the ruler Acolhua. And so he made himself the ruler. 348 Then he was succeeded by Ilhuicamina. After he died, Matlaccoatl followed behind him and was made ruler. After this ruler died, a son called Tezcacoatl350 received the rulership. After this Tezcacoatl died, one named Tezcapoctli ruled. After this Tezcapoctli died, the lord Teotlehuac followed him. 353) And after this ruler Teotlehuac died, came the rulership of Tzihuac Tlatonac, who ruled the nobility for sixty years.

Choque Chi- 36 chimeca, Ynin tlahuelí loc, quimilhuí522 caoquipíaya iní hueliti líz Yca quinpale huíz, ôquin nanqui li Ycamatíca. xicchi ca Anónimo Mexicano choqueh Chi:chi:me:cah. In i:ntlahueliloc quimilhui ca o:quipiyaya in i:huelitiliz i:ca quinpale:hui:z. O:quinna:nquili i:camatica in i:tlahuelico xi:ptla Camaxtle: “Ahmo: ximoyolmauh-tican. Ma i:xquich ahmo: yo:llo amotlahpalxic chica:huacan ca the nobles repeatedly made their requests. The Chichimeca were anxious at heart. Their rage increased in intensity, because he maintained his power in order to help them.

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