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A widespread but unstated assumption seems to have been that T cell clones probably are memorycells. However,the regulatory influences affecting T cell clones reviewed above also are consistent with such clones being effector cells which are descendants of naive T cells rather than of memoryT cells. Althougheffector cells derived from naive T cells appear to be short-lived in vivo, their short life span maybe the consequenceof degradation and disappearance of most antigens encountered in nature.

ImmuMed. 168:543-58 nol. 7:145-73 11. Gajewski,T. , Fitch, 2. Heinzel, F. , Holaday, F. Anti-proliferative effect of B. , Coffman,R. , Locksley,R. M. IFN-~,in immune regulation. II. IFN-~, 1989. Reciprocal expression of interinhibits the proliferation of murinebone feron y or interleukin 4 duringthe resmarrowcells stimulated with IL-3, ILolution or progressionof murineleish4, or granulocyte-macrophagecolonymaniasis. Evidence for. expansion of stimulating factor. J. 141: distinct helper T cell subsets.

The mechanismby which IL-10 affects macrophages is not certain, although it does inhibit production of IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-c~by activated macrophages (19). Also, IL-10 inhibits lymphokineproduction by TH1 cells only if metabolically active macrophagesare used for stimulation; although fixed cells are less effective in stimulating lymphokineproduction by Tn 1 clones, IL-10 has no effect if fixed antigen-pulsed macrophagesare used (18). B cells also can secrete IL-10 (20) as can peritoneal macrophages that have been stimulated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) (19).

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