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By Toney Allman

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ISBN-13: 9781604131420

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She does this by using the sun’s position as a marker. If the direction of the food is directly toward the sun, she moves straight, or vertically, up a wall of the 44 AnimAl life in groupS The figure eight-shaped bee waggle dance is used by scout bees to tell the other bees in their hive the distance and direction to food. honeycomb. If the food is, for example, 40 degrees to the right of the sun, she waggles 40 degrees to the right of the vertical. Every worker watching the dance orients herself to the food by seeing the angle away from the vertical that the dancer describes.

Usually, birds in flocks do not like to touch each other, but family groups of crows often preen each other. The birds stroke and smooth each other’s feathers with their bills and pick out any dirt or lice. rooSting EN MASSE When summer is over, family groups of crows gather together in huge flocks called roosts. Throughout the winter, the roost stays Schools and flocks 55 Crows mob and harass a predator by fl ying at it, emitting alarm calls, and sometimes making physical contact. These two crows are mobbing a hawk.

If the changes make reproducing impossible, they aren’t passed on. Natural selection means the fi ttest animals survive. This example shows that in a population that includes mice with white and brown fur, the white mice will be most easily spotted by predators and more easily become prey. As a result, the white mice have less chance to reproduce. Over time, brown fur will be “selected” within the group because the brown animals are the ones that tend to survive and reproduce. Most of the animals in the group will have genes that code for dark hair.

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