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34 AnimAl communicAtion A blue-ringed octopus displays its iridescent blue rings in order to signal that it is ready to attack and release its poison. It can also change the texture of its skin to resemble various backgrounds, including sand and spiky coral. Color changes can also be used as defensive mechanisms. The blue-ringed octopus lives in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off Australia. Although it is only about 8 inches long, it is also one of the deadliest animals on the planet. It has a gland that releases venom into its saliva.

Using a high-tech device called a sound spectrograph, payne recorded and analyzed the silent signals that were produced by the animals. she discovered that elephants use infrasound to communicate with each other. As it turns out, so do hippos and giraffes. ultrasonic vibrations, or ultrasound, have frequencies above 20,000 hz. many animals—including bats, porpoises, and rats—use ultrasound to communicate. some animals, such as dolphins and killer whales, use both infrasound and ultrasound. Because these sounds are outside the normal range of most other sounds, they are easier to detect.

In jungles and rain forests, there are more animal calls at dawn and dusk. Both daytime (diurnal) and nighttime (nocturnal) creatures are helped by the natural conditions that maximize the distance in their calls. Anger mAnAgement And AlArm cAlls An animal will often use a visual threat to ward off a predator or avoid a fight with another individual. For many animals, a threat signal wouldn’t be complete without an appropriate sound to go along with it. The hiss of a cat, the growl of a dog, and the roar of communication using sound 53 a lion let opponents know that they are angry and mean business.

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