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By Nicholas D. Kazarinoff

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Acceptable for undergraduates or even highschool scholars, this article introduces a couple of old theorems, explores inequalities and calculus, and covers sleek theorems, together with Bernstein's evidence of the Weierstrass approximation theorem and the Cauchy, Bunyakovskii, Hölder, and Minkowski inequalities. 1961 version. comprises 28 figures.

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1. A mixed number is a number with a number and a . proper 2. An improper fraction is a fraction in which the numerator (the number on top) than the denominator (the bottom number). is Rules for Changing a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction 1. Multiply the denominator and the whole number. 2. To that answer add the numerator; this is the new numerator. 3. Keep the denominator as it is. Example 2 Rename the following mixed number to an improper fraction. 3​ __ ​ 5 Step 1 Multiply the denominator and the 3 × 5 = 15 whole number.

65. ” Practice Write the following numbers in a decimal form. 1. One hundred twenty-three and seven tenths If there is a number named before the word “and,” write that number. Replace “and” with a decimal point. ” 2. Thirty-five hundredths 3. Eight tenths 4. Sixty-seven thousandths 5. Five hundredths 6. Nine and seventeen hundredths 7. Twenty-seven and one hundred fifteen thousandths 8. One hundred and eighty-eight hundredths 9. com 1/18/11 3:32 PM Name Date Comparing Decimals You can compare decimals in the same way you compare whole numbers.

_23 ​+ ​ _15 ​ Find the least common denominator. The multiples of : 3, 9, 12, 15, 18 The multiples of 5: The least common multiple (denominator) is . _ ​ 23 ​× _​ 55 ​= _ ​ 15 ​× _​ 33 ​= __ ​ 10 ​+ __ ​ 3 ​= 15 15 Rename each fraction, so each has the same least common denominator. Add numerators and do not change denominators. Simplify. 8 2. ​ _13 ​+ ​ _23 ​= 3 3. indd 31 31 1/18/11 3:32 PM Name Date Adding Mixed Numbers Adding mixed numbers uses the skills of adding whole numbers and adding fractions.

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