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Similarly the class in which the median occurs is the median class. The objection may be put that there should be more classes and that this would narrow the range in which the mode and median might be found. This however would lead to smaller frequencies in more classes, with the possible result that a single mode might not appear at all. Look at this distribution. x f I 2 2 3 3 4 4 3 5 5 6 6 7 8 2 0 9 3 II 4 13 I 16 2 The mode is 6 since this value occurs 6 times out of the total frequency of 35.

A pound. of potatoes is weighed correct to the nearest ounce. What are (c) the maximum, (d) the minimum, weights of a 'pound' of potatoes. How many 'pounds' can be got from a 'cwt' of potatoes? Give your answer in the form x ± y. 9. A typing pool varies from 12 to 16 girls whose output is 40 ± I 0 per cent letters per day per girl. Between what limits does the daily output of letters lie? 10. A good breeding sow will produce 12 to 14litters, each litter consisting of 8 to 10 piglets during a lifetime of 7 to 8 years.

4 The Interquartile Range The Interquartile Range is, as its name suggests, the range between the two quartilesin the example above its value was 29-17 or 8 pence. It is the range within which the central 50 per cent of the values lie and so is a measure of dispersion. This is particularly useful when the range of the whole distribution is not known, that is, in the case of open-ended distributions. More often the semi-interquartile range is asked for or quoted; alternatively it may be called the quartile deviation.

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