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By Van Slyke D.

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3 shows a Parshall flume-the most commonly used measuring device. In measuring flow, measure the head a specified distance behind the narrow point (throat of the flume), then use the head measurement to calculate the flow or to determine the flow using a table or graph. The advantage of using the Parshall flume is that its design and smooth construction does not offer any place where wastewater solids may collect behind the metering device. The Venturi meter (a device in which the flow must pass through a section with a smaller diameter) is another device found in pipe systems in wastewater collection systems and treatment plants.

28 Problem: A pump must deliver 1,2 10 gpm to total head of 130 feet. What is the required water horsepower? 2 BRAKE HORSEPOWER Brake horsepower (bhp) refers to the horsepower supplied to the pump from the motor. As power moves through the pump, additional horsepower is lost from slippage and friction of the shaft and Conversion Factors 33 other factors; thus, pump efficiencies range from about 50% to 85% and pump efficiency must be taken into account. 29 Problem: Under the specified conditions, the pump efficiency is 73%.

J For plant control operations, concentrations in milligrams per liter or parts per million determined by laboratory testing must be converted to quantities in pounds, kilograms, pounds per day, or kilograms per day. 34 lb / mg 1 L / MG Sample Problem: The solids concentration in the aeration tank is 2,580 mg/L. 95 MG. How many pounds of solids are in the tank? 6 Convert milligrams per liter to pounds per day. 75 MGD and the effluent solids concentration is 26 mg/L? 7 Convert milligrams per liter to kilograms per day.

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