An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl by Frances Karttunen PDF

By Frances Karttunen

ISBN-10: 0806124210

ISBN-13: 9780806124216

This can be a accomplished smooth dictionary of the key indigenous language of Mexico, the language of the Aztecs and plenty of in their pals. Nahuatl audio system turned literate inside of a iteration of touch with Europeans, and an enormous literature has been composed in Nahuatl starting within the mid-sixteenth century and carrying on with to the current.

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See CEHUII). CEHUILO nonact. IS,II6,202]. In all three attestations, Z fails to mark the vowel of the second syllable long. This would be correct if the noun is derived from CEHUII) rather than CEHUIA. See CEHUII). -CEL necessarily bound form; pI: -TIN alone / solo ... ' It can also be incorporated into verbs to convey exclusivity. Z has the variant form CELTI. See CE, CEM. ' It can also refer to heat, since Nahuatl's use of 'green' as an intensifier for heat is analogous to the use of 'blue' and 'white' in English.

See CaCHIHUA, -YAN. ' COCHIHZOLOA vrefl, vt to lose sleep over something; to prevent someone from sleeping / desuela (Z), quitar el sueiio a ~.. I46]. See CaCH(I), MAHMAUHTIA. II6]. See CaCH(I), PACHIHU(I). COCHPACHIHUIHUA nonact. CaCHPACHlHU(I) COCHPACHIHUITIA caus. 30,I46]. I), PETL(A)-TL. I). COCHTEMIQUIHUA nonact. CaCHTEMIQU(I) COCHTEMIQUILIA applic. II6,I3S]. See CaCHTEMIQUII). II6]. ' Although T only indicates that the preterit is formed with X, this undoubtedly undergoes the same potential vowel lengthening before the X as CHIY(A) does.

Redup. CECU(I) CECECUILIZ-TLI chills, shivers, malaria / resfrio, escalofrios, paludismo IT! 222]. See CECECUjl). CECECUITIA caus. CECECU(I) CECEL redup. r07,r94]. In both attestations Z has a long vowel in the second syllable, but in the related form TLACECELTIA, T has short vowels. See CECEC, CELIe. CECEM one apiece, one for each / cada uno sendos, 0 a cada uno sendos, 0 a cada uno de ellos 1M)CEHCEM with glottal stop reduplication also occurs, and both CECEM and CEHCEM are attested with expressions of time and period.

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