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By Arthur T. Bergerud, Michael W. Gratson

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This index of vigor did not vary between the two low types but was significantly lower at the high area. Hens in the increasing population apparently defended their chicks less vigorously than hens at either of the low, stable or low, declining populations. The chick behavior we observed was also principally a predator escape response. Critical evaluation of chick behavior was possible only at CC and MQL. The cohesion of undisturbed broods was measured by noting the distance of individual chicks from the hen when the broods were first discovered (Fig.

The exploratory phase was quantified by determining the speed of advance of the male toward the arena, and by noting the alterations in his song. Virtually all males, regardless of population, increased the volume of hooting when the female call was played. Also, the frequency of complete songs increased. There was high variation in the rate of advance; cocks at CC advanced slowest, those at CB most rapidly, and those at MQL with intermediate speed (Fig. 13). Courting was analyzed by the number of elements of behavior observed per minute.

Fitted to withstand all other hazards of their environment" [Chitty 1967: 64]). But this needs testing. Alternatively, these behaviors may be the important ones to measure. The brood defense patterns showed striking differences between populations, and it is not difficult to speculate how such behavior could be directly linked to population performance. Jenkins et al. (1967) showed a variation in brood defense behavior that seemed to be related to changes in population size in red grouse. In the present study, brood defense was far more conspicuous in the declining and stable populations.

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