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By Christmas Humphreys

ISBN-10: 0700710507

ISBN-13: 9780700710508

A dictionary and a word list of phrases plus short biographies of eminent Buddhists and students from either East and West.

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Bsm. Specialist in the Prajñāpāramitā philosophy and literature. Vice-President of the Buddhist Society, London. , and Editor of Buddhist Texts through the Ages (1954). A popular dictionary of buddhism 46 Council The First Great Council was held at Rajagriha immediately after the passing of the Buddha, the Ven. Kasyapa presiding. The Scriptures, as then agreed, were recited by all, Ananda leading with the doctrine and Upali with the Rules of the Order. The Second was held at Vaisali about 100 years later.

A fig tree, popularly called Pipal; scientific name Ficus religiosa. ) is the oldest historical tree in the world. Bodhnāth Buddhist temple near Katmandu, Nepal. Date of foundation unknown, but may be contemporary with Asoka. Regarded as the holiest shrine of Bsm. outside India, it is a famous place of pilgrimage for Tibetans coming down from the North. The central Stūpa famous for the all-seeing eyes painted on the four sides. ) Factors leading to Enlightenment. For seven of these, see Sambodhi.

In the Causal Chain (see Nidānas), bhava is the link between upādāna (clinging to life), and jāti (rebirth). Bhāvanā (Sk. ) Lit. a ‘making-to-become’. Self-development by any means, but especially by the method of mind-control, concentration and meditation. ) The sub-conscious stream of becoming in which all experience is stored. ). ); variously translated as monk, mendicant, friar, almsman, priest; all of which are alone inadequate. A Bhikkhu is one who has devoted A popular dictionary of buddhism 26 himself to the task of following the Path by renunciation of the distractions of worldly affairs.

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