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By Basil Davidson

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This article is designed for college students getting ready for O point historical past, providing an exam of a few of the main tendencies and occasions in West African historical past from advert 1000-1800.

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Again the missionary party met with unexpected setbacks, even before reaching Griquatown. ” It became necessary to borrow trek oxen from the lone government agent in the vicinity, John Melvill, a former evangelist with the London Missionary Society. ” Although the expedition was funded by their Methodist brethren and nominally devoted to evangelism, there were no Engelbrechts with them this time, and some of their staff no doubt had their own reasons for traveling. An ugly verbal altercation made it suddenly clear that they had no authority over the drivers.

The Bushman chief even upbraided Broadbent to his face. 72 Most offensive of all, the missionaries patently disliked eating or drinking with Chief Sefunelo. At one state function the chief ceremoniously cut the missionaries’ meat into pieces and fed them by hand, a great privilege. 73 Finally one Sunday, Sefunelo walked the several hundred yards to Broadbent’s hut and found him and Hodgson drinking coffee together. ” Broadbent offered what must have seemed at the time like a good reply, and said that he knew coffee wouldn’t agree with the chief’s stomach€– Heaven knew Broadbent was an expert on that topic.

Some chiefs gave their names to chiefdoms before they died (amaSwazi, [people-of-] MmaNtathisi, bagaKhama, Â�baMonaheng). The French missionaries, Arbousset and Daumas, touring South Africa in the 1830s, noted that the people did not speak of tribes, but of “the nation [sechaba] of Moshesh, of Sekaniela, of Makuana” (all chiefs). ”50 Ancestors and chiefs also posed onerous personal demands. They urged one toward power, to incorporate others, or if not other people, at least their cattle; and cattle meant plenty, abundance, and milk for children.

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