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ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE TRANSMISSION LINEAGE The following deep Dharma for training the mind is alone and by itself sufficient. This mind training alone is capable of carrying all happiness and sorrow on the path. Now, deep Dharma activitates evil karma; you become restless. When you sit you want to move, and when you move you want ro sit. aren 't being cooked and burnt. and, Further, think well of fear and fnght And be extremely modest with yourself Take mean food and bear hardships, Wear mean clothes and sit in a low position Meditate to counteract and disregard both happiness and suffering.

The fourth is the force of reproach: to abjure completely ego-oriented thoughts by thinking, whenever ego-cherishing thoughts occur, "Previously, from time without beginning, you have brought me to wander through the Cycle and to experience various sufferings. Furthermore, you alone have brought all the evil and suffering that has occurred in this life. There is no happiness in your company. " The fifth force is the force of aspiration, to dedicate all virtue to the welfare of others through sincere prayer after any practice of virtuous deeds: "Generally, may I come to have such ability that I, alone, am sufficient to lead all sentient beings to Buddhahood.

As to the first, The concise epitome of heart instruction: Work with 'Five Forces' If you want a concise summary of the points crucial for application and which incorporate all the numerous deep pith instructions of applying the holy Dharma, it is called 'Five Forces'. '' The second is the force of familiarization: to train continually in the two Bodhicittas, consciously and directly grasping them no matter in what activity - constructive, unskillful, or inconsequential - you are engaged, so that you are never separated from them; in short, to learn the chief constructive activity, Bodhicitta.

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