New PDF release: A Century of Controversy. Ethnological Issues from 1860 to

By Elman R Service, E. A. Hammel

ISBN-10: 0126373825

ISBN-13: 9780126373820

This booklet is an overview of the heritage of ethnology when it comes to its highbrow growth, as such, instead of the lifestyles histories of some of the personalities contain. The identify was once selected to indicate that the key quandary is the conflict, combine, syntheses, and rejection of rules themselves, as they relating to yes significant difficulties within the theoretical improvement of the self-discipline. might be this appears like an seen target, yet simply because this type of selectivity is actually strange, an explication is required

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2. The Punaluan Family, founded on the intermarriage of several sisters, own and collateral, with each others' husbands, in a group; but the husbands need not be kinsmen. If a group of brothers have wives in common, the wives need not be kin. It is still "group marriage," in either case. 3. The Syndyasmian or Pairing Family, founded on marriage between single pairs but without exclusive cohabitation. 4. The Patriarchal Family, founded on the marriage of one man to several wives. 5. The Monogamian Family, founded on the marriage of single pairs with exclusive cohabitation.

Here (1877:367-368) Morgan makes an important point, distinguishing the evolutionary behavior of the nomenclatural system from that of the family. The family is "active/ 7 advancing from lower to higher forms as society itself evolves from lower to higher conditions. " Many of the descriptions seem likely to have been related (in terminology and behavior] to the widespread primitive customs of sororate and levirate. 6 Morgan called this system Gonowanian when referring to American Indians, otherwise retaining Turanian.

Today, we accord to Darwin and thus "Darwinism" the theory of natural selection and adaptation. 12 In Darwin's own day, however, much more excitement was caused by his idea of man's kinship with other animals and perhaps above all (certainly among religious Christians of the time) by the idea of evolution itself—ascent from low to high estate as opposed to the "degradation theory" that primitive peoples had fallen from a state of grace. Morgan, it is apparent from his writings, accepted evolution only in this very general sense of progress from low beginnings to higher states of technology, thought, morality, and so on.

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